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MAGNA – solutions for law enforcement and intelligence agencies

The MAGNA Observation Center application suite is a modular concept for lawful interception, vehicle observation, tactical video observation, data retention and more. Recordings from GSM interceptions, GPS coordinates from tracking units, video recordings etc are stored into a central database for decoding, analysis and storage. The “target” data can be accessed securely by investigation officers through a unified viewer, using standard PC workstations but also remotely on tablet and smartphones.

Lawful Interception ADSL Interception Vehicle Observation Secure Communication Video Observation Data Retention


XYLON – solutions for telecom and internet service providers

In most countries, telecom service providers have a legal obligation to comply with national laws regarding interception and data retention. For that purpose DigiVox has developed XYLON, a turnkey hard and software solution for lawful interception, mediation and data retention. XYLON equipment is operational in use by several major telecom service providers for many years now and supports a multi-vendor telecom infrastructure. XYLON is compliant with relevant Etsi and Calea handover standards but may also support proprietary country specific handover protocols.

Interception & Mediation Data Retention – Soon Available

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So called “off air GSM interception systems” or also known as “IMSI-catchers” are available on the market that have the capability to secretly intercept GSM calls from the air. In order to detect the presence of these systems, DigiVox has developed SPECTROSCAN, a fully passive (and therefore undetectable) professional solution to secure your premises against unwanted off-air GSM interception systems.

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