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MAGNA – Solutions for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

MAGNA – Lawful Interception

The MAGNA lawful interception system is a turnkey solution for nationwide interception of circuit switched networks e.g. GSM, fixed telephony and packet switched networks e.g. internet, email, 3G/4G, supporting thousands of concurrent targets, when required. MAGNA has been designed in close consultation with various LEA agencies in the past 18 years and offers, besides the “standard” interception functions, many other sophisticated features.Read more

MAGNA – Tactical ADSL Interception

The MAGNA ADSL probe has been designed to meet tactical ADSL interception requirements from governmental police, security and military agencies and is fully undetectable by the target. It duplicates all internet traffic of target’s ADSL line, including VoIP traffic. The intercepted data can be stored locally or send in real-time to the MAGNA observation center for further analysis and decoding.Read more

MAGNA – Vehicle Observation

The MAGNA Vehicle Observation system offers real time tracking of target vehicles, live recording of audio and forwarding of in-car conversations and picture snapshots. Observation team officers can track target vehicle movements remotely on their smartphones/tablets, listen live to in-car conversations and even view pictures of people entering the target vehicle.

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MAGNA – Secure Communication

The MAGNA secure communication system has been specifically designed for law enforcement observation teams that need flexible, secure and modern communication tools. MAGNA runs on standard (ruggedized) smartphones/tablets and uses the widely available GSM/GPRS/UMTS networks. As these type of networks are vulnerable for unwanted interception, end-to-end encryption is applied in order to secure the communication.

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MAGNA – Tactical Video Observation


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MAGNA – Data Retention


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MAGNA Observation Center