MAGNA: The Lawfull Interception Solution

The MAGNA Observation Center application suite is a modular concept for lawful interception, vehicle observation, tactical video observation, data retention and more.

Centralised Solution

Recordings from GSM interceptions, GPS coordinates from tracking units, video recordings etc are stored into a central database for decoding, analysis and storage. The “target” data can be accessed securely by investigation officers through a unified viewer, using standard PC workstations but also remotely on tablet and smartphones.

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One Platform for Multiple Sources

MAGNA Observation Platform

Magna is a modular platform for the storage, analysis, decoding, distribution and provisioning of various sensors and sensor data used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies for modern crime investigations.

Phone, Video, SMS & MMS

E-Mail & Internet Traffic

Tracking, Audio & Video

Secure Communication Platform

Secure Communication Platform

All input stored into a central database

Lawful Interception

The MAGNA lawful interception system is a turnkey solution for nationwide interception of circuit switched networks e.g. GSM, fixed telephony and packet switched networks e.g. internet, email, 3G/4G, supporting thousands of concurrent targets, when required.

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MAGNA lawful interception has been successfully integrated with major telecom switch manufacturers e.g. Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia/Siemens and Alcatel.

The system is build up out of  XYLON  interception & mediation equipment to be installed at telecom service provides core network and MAGNA observation center equipment to be installed at the governmental agencies.

MAGNA lawful interception has been designed in close consultation with various LEA agencies in the past 18 years and offers, besides the “standard” interception functions, many other sophisticated features.

Moreover (third party) security applications, e.g.  XYLON, MAGNA Tactical Video Observation,  MAGNA Vehicle Tracking,  MAGNA Secure Communication, can be integrated seamlessly into the MAGNA observation center.

Tactical Interception

Nowadays so called “off air GSM interception systems” or also known as “IMSI-catchers” are available. These systems are usually hidden into a van and capable of intercepting and decoding GSM calls. In order to detect the presence of an (illegal) off-air GSM interception system, DigiVox has developed  SPECTROSCAN.

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SPECTROSCAN is build up out of SPECTROSCAN GSM-basestation (bts) scanners and a central SPECTROSCAN analysis server. The SPECTROSCAN bts-scanners permanently scan the GSM basestation (2G / 3G /4G) activity, present in the area to be secured.


The collected  GSM basestation data is automatically forwarded to the SPECTROSCAN central analysis server for real time analysis. Once an off-air GSM interception system is becoming active, a change in the GSM basestation activity will be detected by the SPECTROSCAN analysis server and an alarm will be generated.


SPECTROSCAN has a fully passive operating mode and is therefore undetectable.

Vehicle Observation

The MAGNA Vehicle Tracking system offers real time tracking of target vehicles, live recording of audio and forwarding of in-car conversations and  picture snapshots.

Observation team officers can track target vehicle movements remotely on their smartphones/tablets, listen live to in-car conversations and even view pictures of people entering the target vehicle.

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The MAGNA Vehicle Tracking system consists out of MAGNA Vehicle Tracking “matchbox” sized TPA units, MAGNA Vehicle Tracking central server software and MAGNA Vehicle Tracking smartphone/tablet applications (support for Android/Blackberry/iPhone).

A waterproof enclosure with magnets is available for the TPA units for quick external attachment to a target vehicle in case internal access is not an option.

Connectivity between MAGNA Vehicle Tracking TPA units, central server and smartphones/tablets is end-to-end encrypted.  The MAGNA Vehicle Tracking TPA units are centrally managed by the MAGNA Vehicle Tracking server and do not need any manual intervention for daily operation.

MAGNA Vehicle Tracking is centrally managed and can be used as standalone system or integrated into the observation center. Existing third party GPS tracking units may also be integrated.

Data Retention

DigiVox provides a turnkey solution for the processing of data retention requests. The platform also supports electronic warrants, reducing the work load of your security department significantly and thereby reducing related cost.

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Moreover, the proprietary in house developed Data Retention database engine is one of the fastest and most efficient available, and can process complex database queries in a matter of seconds.

MAGNA System Training

We provide extensive hands-on training and advanced software analysis tools for our customer’s IT-departments , enabling them to carry our first and second line maintenance by themselves, this ensuring maximum availability of the supplied systems.

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