MAGNA: Secure Communication Platform

The Magna secure communication platform has been specifically designed for law enforcement officers who need secure communication tools such as (group) chat, (group) voice calls, as well as sharing of videos, pictures and locations, tracking targetsnor retrieving documents.

System Setup

Recordings from GSM interceptions, GPS coordinates from tracking units, video recordings etc are stored into a central database for decoding, analysis and storage. The “target” data can be accessed securely by investigation officers through a unified viewer, using standard PC workstations but also remotely on tablet and smartphones.



Voice calls are either one-on-one or in a group. Voice calls will always pass through the Magna platform and, depending on the Magna server settings, calls can be recorded automatically at the Magna platform for live of off line evaluation.


User can have one-one-chats and create their own chat groups without the assistance of a system administrator. In the chat menu follpowing.

Media Sharing

Pictures, video- and audio recordings can be shared one-on-one or in a group.

Location Sharing

The officer can share it’s current location for other officers one-on-one or in a group.

Live Video Streaming

Officers can share a live video stream with fellow officers, one-on-one or in teams.


Position Team Member

Real time location of fellow offficers will be shown dynamically on the map.


Officers can add so called “point’s of interest” on the map, e.g. specific locations of targets that are frequently visited by a target.

Observation Equipment

Location information of observation equipment such as tracking devices, audio bugs, CCTV camera’s can be displayed on the map and depending on availabilty, content (video stream, recorded calls) can be replayed.


Confidential files related to an investigation case such as documents, photographs, streetplans etc. can be accessed by team members that are assigned to a specific case. In order to access these files, additional login procedure is required. Moreover officers can add notes to a specific case.

MAGNA Desktop Application

The Magna desktop app provides a detailed overview of stored Magna smartphone sessions , related to a specific investigation (case).

Each session contains the chats, pictures , voice calls and notes that were generated by participating officers and their corresponding locations. The sessions can be queried and replayed live or afterwards.

When “target data“ (e.g. intercepted GSM calls, GPS coordinates from tracking devices) is assigned to the same case, team officers have a full combined overview of not only actions being carried out by team members but also the targets that are being investigated.

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